Operations Manager (Fish Oil) - New Zealand-

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Stoke, New Zealand
$130,000 - $180,000
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Direct Hire
Aug 02, 2018
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Our client is recruiting worldwide for a Operations Manager for their state-of-the-art fish oil refinery in Stoke, Nelson New Zealand They will relocate your from anywhere, including from  Canada, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Peru and Ecuador.

eir story – Your opportunity

The owners of this business have huge optimism for the future. There is commitment to growth and the capital to support it. They offer customers and the global market a unique proposition: agility, state-of-the-art fish oil refining capabilities; global supply relationships and the assurance of a reputation for producing high-quality marine-sourced bio-active compounds.

It is a highly-flexible facility that complements global refiners’ high-volume plants in other parts of the world. It can offer continuous-process large-volume processing and tolling services through to single-batch processing of oil from different fish species. 

The state-of-the-art facility, built with Desmet Ballestra’s refining technology, has the capacity to produce 5,000 tonnes of Omega-3 fish oil each year. It is a highly flexible plant offering customers continuous process refining and quick-turnaround batch processing runs. These capabilities complement large-scale refiners’ processing capabilities and meet the demands of bio-active ingredients brokers and fortified food manufacturers. The plant has the certifications necessary to export products to key target markets including Australia, many Asian markets including China and Japan, the European Union, the US and Canada as well as independently-audited chain of custody quarantine certifications.

Your opportunity is to join this new state-of-the-art fish oil refinery at the heart of the New Zealand fishing industry, at an exciting point of its development and take it to world class manufacturing status.

The role – Your responsibilities 

The key responsibilities include ensuring the factory and warehouse operations of the group efficiently and effectively meets inventory requirements and quality specifications.   This should be achieved with a strong focus on outcomes and timeframes, whilst balancing budgeted costs, productivity and efficiency measures and ensuring adherence to company values.

The key focus of this role is on driving continuous improvement and ensuing learning through the operations, enabling:
  • A fundamental understanding of production processes and the development of documented systems so that product quality can be predicted and consistently achieved with batch to batch variance minimised.
  • The meeting of product specifications for internal and customers with testing and compliance processes undertaken in a timely fashion to ensure delivery timeframes are met.
  • In-process information collection, collation and analysis to enable continuous improvement.

Key skills and experience required

This state-of-the-art facility requires specialist production/technical knowledge and skills.

You will ideally have
  • Expertise in refining fats or oils (preferably fish oils) using chemical refining processes (Neutralization, bleaching & deodorization processes).
  • A sound understanding of the chemistry and engineering aspects of oil and fats processing.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Proven Leadership capability.
  • A chemical engineering qualification or similar, 10+ years in fish oil refinery industry.
  • The business is very well supported by its shareholders, with significant capital support enabling the business to quickly respond to customer demand, and to further invest in their product development and sales and marketing capabilities to ensure their product suite evolves with the market.  

Come and be apart of these exciting times.